Why choose us?

DSP WINNER Technology CO. Limited

Company History

(DSP WINNER Technology CO. Limited) was founded in 2021 by Amazon experts who have built 8-figure brands and worked with agencies around the world. A diverse team of sales, advertising, and operations experts make every campaign properly planned, executed , and reported.


Our Vision

In everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo because we're passionate about delivering real solutions that you’re looking for. We hope you can become the winner!

Our Philosophy

We don’t expect that you’ll hear our pitch and be sold. Rather, we stop, focus, and listen to your needs then seek to find the real solution that delivers.

Our Experience

With more than 20 years of combined experience, our team has provided brands with proven strategies that have increased sales and profitability in Amazon. Working with the largest consumer brands in the world, such as Samsung, HP, Sennheiser, Levi’s, and Logitech.

Our strategic approach

Amazon DSP is a far more complex platform than Sponsored Ads. Therefore, the need for experts is much needed. DSP WINNER lets the right product is advertised to the relevant audience for the given campaign. Each campaign has a unique objective meant to grow sales by remarketing to loyalists, stealing share from competitors, or earning incremental sales from shoppers who are still researching products within the category.

Global Support

What is Amazon DSP?

Why should brands use it?


Amazon’s Demand Side Platform

Amazon’s Demand Side Platform (DSP), previously known as Rodeo or AAP, is an advertising platform enabling sellers and vendors to programmatically buy ad inventory on Amazon.com, Amazon Shopping App (iOS and Android), through Amazon Publisher Services, and third party supply. It is a one-stop tool enabling vendors and sellers to advertise their products on and off Amazon using Amazon consumer behavior data.

Amazon DSP offers advertisers flexible campaign options by incorporating customization of audiences, advertised products, targeted devices, and creatives. DSP WINNER provides management and support of all types of campaigns, including Display, Video, and Connected TV.


Who can you target?

Targeting options include shoppers who have viewed, purchased, or searched for pre-selected products, based on the advertiser’s choice. These custom audiences can be used to target or exclude, depending on the goal of the campaign itself. Advertisers can also use broader audience groups such as In-Market, Lifestyle, and Contextual audiences. Amazon directly integrates with 3rd party audience platforms such as Polk Auto and Oracle.

What type of creative can you use?

Flexible creative options are available for every campaign objective. The most rudimentary creative is Dynamic Ecommerce Ads, which is a self-generated creative using an ASIN as the input. Custom image creatives are available for advertisers who want to add more flair to the creative. Six, fifteen, or thirty-second videos can be used by advertisers who want to generate more awareness for their brand.

Where do your ads serve?

Amazon offers exclusive ad inventory on their owned and operated properties, which include Amazon.com, Amazon Shopping App, and IMDb.com. Amazon DSP provides access to this exclusive inventory to promote a product of their choosing. Additionally, Amazon DSP can access third party supply to bid on inventory competing against other DSPs.

DSP WINNER Amazon Services

As an Amazon Ads Partner, DSP WINNER is able to provide (3) personalized service tiers suitable for brands of any size and level of Amazon experience.



Fully managed and hands-off for the advertiser, DSP WINNER will plan, execute, report, and build the Amazon DSP campaign against the KPIs and goals set in place. This option is best for advertisers with little-to-no DSP experience, or who prefer accredited experts to run the campaign.


Transitional provides a middle-ground option for advertisers who want to learn Amazon DSP but need access and performance as soon as possible. This tier will have DSP WINNER build the initial campaign and provide a strategic media plan, but the advertiser is responsible for optimization, execution, and reporting. This tier allows advertisers to go live as soon as possible while receiving support directly from DSP WINNER’s team of experts.


Available only to existing Amazon DSP experts, support tier allows non-approved advertisers to access Amazon DSP through their relationship with DSP WINNER. DSP WINNER provides support for any and all questions, but the campaign management, from planning to reporting, is handled directly by the advertiser. Pre approval is required for this tier.