What is Amazon DSP

  • Overview of Amazon DSP

Amazon’s Demand Side Platform (DSP), previously known as Rodeo or AAP, is an advertising platform enabling sellers and vendors to programmatically buy ad inventory on Amazon.com, Amazon Shopping App (iOS and Android), through Amazon Publisher Services, and third party supply. It is a one-stop tool enabling vendors and sellers to advertise their products on and off Amazon using Amazon consumer behavior data.

Amazon DSP offers advertisers flexible campaign options by incorporating customization of audiences, advertised products, targeted devices, and creatives. WMTWIN provides management and support of all types of campaigns, including Display, Video, and Connected TV.

  • Who can you target?

Targeting options include shoppers who have viewed, purchased or searched for pre-selected products, based on the advertiser’s choice. These custom audiences can be used to target or exclude, depending on the goal of the campaign itself. Advertisers can also use broader audience groups such as In-Market, Lifestyle, and Contextual audiences. Amazon directly integrates with 3rd party audience platforms such as Polk Auto and Oracle.

  • What type of creative can you use?

Flexible creative options are available for every campaign objective.

The most rudimentary creative is Dynamic Ecommerce Ads, which is a self-generated creative using an ASIN as the input. From there, advertisers are able to customize a 50 character call to action, logo, and review snippet of their choosing.

  • Image creatives are available for advertisers who want to add more flair to the creative. These are custom banners, provided by the advertiser, that allow for a (mostly) customizable creative option, so long as the advertiser stays with Amazon’s rigorous creative acceptance policy The standard sizes for these creatives can be found here. There is also a hybrid between Image and Dynamic Ecommerce Ads, known as Custom DEA, which allows advertisers to add a custom image overlay on the Amazon-generated DEA creative.

  • Six, fifteen, or thirty-second videos can be used by advertisers who want to generate more awareness for their brand. These videos can be used on desktop, mobile app, and FireTV.

  • Where do your ads serve?

Amazon offers exclusive ad inventory on its owned and operated properties, which include Amazon.com, Amazon Shopping App, and IMDb.com. Amazon DSP provides access to this exclusive inventory to promote a product of their choosing. Additionally, Amazon DSP can access third party supply to bid on inventory competing against other DSPs.